To Our Anna Marie

Our dear beloved Anna
to whom are hearts confess,
a love thats just beginning
that love we shall express.

Although our time with you
has been shortened by Our Lord,
He bids you back before His face
to worship and adore.

All that we could give you
would pale in comparison,
to what our God has given you --
His own begotten Son.

For through the passion and the death
of Jesus Christ His Son,
we can Baptized you in His blood
your victory is won.

So through those Holy Waters
from which our hands have poured,
Salvation has been given you
your prize is Heaven's door.

The door through which you must pass
grieves our hearts immense,
that door is life unto your soul
through your bodily expense.

Those precious moments given us
to share our love with you,
is the only gift that we can give
when we must bid adiou.

Know this our darling child
you will eternally be this,
our Baptized saint in heaven
for eternity in bliss.

Mommy and Daddy

Anna Marie, pray for us!