Chronology of Christ's Passion

Holy Thursday 5-7pm The Last Supper
8 Washes the feet of the Apostles
Institution of the Most Holy Sacrament
9 Goes to the Garden of Olives
10 Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane
11 Agony in the Garden
Good Friday Midnight The sweat of Blood
1 Betrayed by Judas and is bound
2 Led before Annas
3 Led before Ciaphas and struck on the face
4 Blindfolded, struck and scoffed at
5 Led to the Council and declared guilty of death
6 Taken to Pilate and accused
7 Mocked by Herod
8 Taken to Pilate and Barabbas in preferred to Him
9 Scourged a the Pillar
10 Crowned with Thorns
Shown to the people
11 Condemned to death and goes to Calvary
Midday Stripped and crucified
1 Prays for His Murderers
2 Recommends His Spirit to His Father
3 Jesus dies
4 Pierced with a lance
5 Taken down from the cross and
placed in His Mother's arms
6 Buried and left in the sepulchre