War: Hidden Agendas Create Devastating Consequences

by Robert H. Goldsborough

Reprinted by CFN with the permission of Robert H. Goldsborough and the American Research Foundation.

With President George W. Bush daily promising war with Iraq in order to depose Saddam Hussein-----a war which history might well record as "World War III," we should review the history of World Wars I and II.

In his declaration of war against Germany and Austria-Hungary, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed his public agenda-----that WW I would be "the war to end all wars"! His hidden agenda was three-fold: 1) to establish the League of Nations as the engine for a Masonic one-world socialist
republic; 2) to crush the Catholic Hapsburg dynasty and its rule over Austria- Hungary; and 3) to install Masonic republics in place of Christian monarchies in Europe. Wilson, directed by his Fabian Socialist alter-ego Col. Edward M. House, achieved those goals-----the first steps towards the establishment of the atheistic New World Order.

A major consequence of America's involvement in WW I was that millions of our young men were taken from their homes and their families and drafted into military service where hundreds of thousands died needlessly on the battlefields of Europe. At home, mothers, wives and daughters were compelled to leave their children and homes to work in defense factories where they did the work of men and were subjected to the vulgar environment of a workforce dominated by older men.

The Christian role of wife and mother as the heart of the home was changed forever. The men who survived the war returned to a distorted social climate. This role-blurring eventually became a cause of the breakup of families.

Another devastating consequence of World War I was the peace settlement imposed on Germany by the U.S. and its allies. This settlement, so impoverished Germany that a desperate populace welcomed anybody who promised better times and placed their hopes with Adolph Hitler. Thus, the Masonically inspired peace settlement of World War I sowed the seeds of World War II.

After secretly goading Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [FDR] a 32nd degree Freemason, declared war on both Japan and Germany in order "to make the world safe for democracy".

Roosevelt, like Wilson, had a hidden agenda: 1) to establish the United Nations and U.S. membership therein; 2) to lift the U.S. out of the FDR-caused depression of 1937 by creating millions of jobs through a massive war production program; 3) to send Americans to war thus creating more jobs; 4) to increase the graduated income tax to conform with the Communist Manifesto; and 5) to create a multiplicity of socialist agencies, bureaus, and departments to enforce the central government's regimentation and regulation of the populace made docile by the fear of an "evil enemy".

FDR and his wife Eleanor were notoriously, pro-communist-----so much so, that he jeopardized America's military efforts against Japan by sending equipment to the Soviet Union instead of to General MacArthur. FDR's pro-Soviet decisions also severely weakened our Nationalist Chinese allies who were simUltaneously fighting the Japanese as well as Mao's Chinese communists.

The ultimate consequences of FDR's hidden agenda in WW II were: 1) Once again, in America more women entered the workforce to replace men in the military; wives and mothers, once the heart of the family, were often mesmerized by their own paychecks and workplace romances; 2) Stalin's occupation of Eastern Europe which he turned into a massive gulag; 3) the slaughter and starvation of 40-50 million innocent persons. Millions of Christians were martyred and Christendom barely survived underground in Eastern Europe and Russia; 4) the bloody conquest of China, Tibet, and Manchuria by Mao's brutal communist thugs; and 5) FDR's UN sanctioned a Zionist state of Israel which was forcibly implanted in the Holy Land in 1948 with the support of President Harry Truman, 33rd degree Mason. Thus were sown the seeds of World War Ill.

And now, President Bush wants to go to war with Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein-----the very game Saddam Hussein who was left in power by former president George H. W. Bush, advised by Colin Powell who is now Secretary of State! Is there proof that Hussein is planning an attack on the United States, itself? What will the war cost in American lives and dollars? Eleven years ago, the unfinished 30 day Persian Gulf War cost $60 billion and helped set off an economic recession caused by a spike in oil prices. Estimates are that this new war [World War III] will last much longer, cost much more in lives and money. Will such a war become the spark of a worldwide Arab-Muslim Jihad against America and its people? What is Bush's hidden agenda for the strike against Iraq? Is it, as Chilton Williamson Jr. believes, the goal of the Republican neo-cons and the "Manhattan Godfathers"? If that assessment is correct, then the attack on Iraq is for Zionist Israel's benefit. This is Israel's war and we must not sacrifice our lives, our fortunes and our future for Bush and Israel's secret agenda.

Reprinted from the September 2002 Issue of Catholic Family News.